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In spite of the fact that iErudite school have recently started working, our work already does some good!

We are always happy to receive your comments both positive and critical. They will help us to improve our work and make your studies at our school more efficient.

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Igor Efimov St. Luis, Missouri, USA


Professor, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Washington University,
St. Luis, Missouri, USA.
Laboratory site:
Personal blog:


My family and I left Russia more then 15 years ago. We immigrated to the USA together with thousands of scientists, engineers, doctors and members of their families in 90s. Since that time during my life in the USA I have met families from postrevolutionary or postwar emigration with such famous Russian last names as Golitsin, Rodzianko and others, whose descendants were still the members of the Russian Orthodox Church there, but their Russian was either very poor or they couldn't speak Russian at all. Their descendants like the children of many other Russian scientists, engineers, doctors and businessmens living abroad were cut off Russia by the geographical boarder. Moreover, their children and grandchildren didn't belong to the Russian culture at all, just bearing the names and having a kind of semi-mythical recollection of ancestors' native land when reading Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky in English or French translations.

Nowadays new information technologies can solve this problem of culture rejection. Soon the children of Russian families living abroad will be able to solve this problem and become part of the Russian culture, being at the same time part of the world culture — European, American, Japanese. This fact will enrich Russia as well as the whole world.

About a year ago in my blog I told about my dream to found Russian company for the children of Russian families all over the world that would offer distance learning of Russian, Russian Literature and Russian History. And it has happened at last! My son Andrey has been the first student of this transcontinental school. The school is founded by the specialists from Krasnoyarsk and Moscow. His teacher and the author of the course lives in Germany and in Russia and her student is from the USA. But in the virtual world they are able to meet twice a week. The teacher and the student open two windows: video via Skype and material for the lesson on the web-site, developed by the authors of the project. The web-site contains audio, visual and textual information that allows students to study pronunciation, grammar and spelling.

From my point of view, the project is a success! Andrey is delighted with the opportunity to stay at home and be able to communicate with the wonderful teacher who devotes herself to every lesson.

Andrey Efimov, aged 11 St. Luis, Missouri, USA


The first student of iErudite school.
Goes to the 5th grade of Chesterfield Elementary School.
His hobbies are computer games, classical music, riding and scientific projects.


The school,, is good because you do not need to fly to Russia twice a week to have a real lesson with a real teacher from Russia. It is also good to have a really nice experienced teacher from Russia like my parents had when they were kids. I will have a real opportunity to learn Russian language and history. The web site is really nice but some hyperlinks don't work and several word boxes don't let you write in it for testing period. The school should get more students who will improve the website even more. I look forward to continue my Russian lessons.

Claude Taché, aged 28 Antwerp, Belgium


Jewellery corporation «Taché Alliance»
Sales executive


Very intuitive and innovative manner to learn a language. With only a webcam and the internet, it feels like being in a class room, only in the comfort of your home. The website is very user-friendly and you can customise it how you want with bookmarks, etc. Teachers are very helpful and above all flexible to adapt the course and move the hours of the lessons to suit my needs. The course is well structure and I feel I am already making much progress in little time!!

I recommend it to everyone!!